Round 1: Me Vs Pregnancy Symptoms *Ding* *Ding*

Most women experience a variety of symptoms throughout their pregnancy and not all of them are as pleasant as the ‘glow’ everyone talks about. Being almost 7 weeks pregnant, my body is starting to adjust and prepare itself for the next 7 months. I am beginning to experience the first wave of symptoms of the first trimester and, let me tell you, it’s not a bed of roses, nor did I expect it to be. Here are the main symptoms that are hitting me this week:

  1. ‘Morning’ sickness…

…More like 24/7 sickness! The constant nausea is more irritating than anything and the worst thing is, I never actually throw up so there is no relief other than when I get to curl up in bed and sleep away the sickness.

  1. Super sleepy

The constant fatigue is annoying but understandable as your body is working hard to grow a little life in your tummy. My experience so far with this has not been great. I have, embarrassingly, fallen asleep multiple times at work while on my lunch break and had to walk back to my office and sheepishly apologise for getting back half an hour late!

However, when I tuck up in bed at the end of the day, the fatigue is a blessing as it helps me to fall asleep within minutes of my head hitting the pillow, where before I would toss and turn for a while before drifting off. I know this won’t last as my stomach expands to the size of a basket ball so I’m definitely making the most of it while I can.

  1. Extremely vivid dreams

This has hit me hard and I’m not sure yet whether this is a good or bad thing. On the one hand, it’s like watching a HD movie in my head every night. On the other, I am constantly questioning if the things I experience have actually happened or if they were simply part of a super realistic dream. I’ve found myself asking my partner multiple times if certain conversations we have had are real or not. Most of the time, it’s my mind tricking me. I get a lot of weird looks from him when I attempt to explain how I could mix up real life and the dream world.

  1. Dizziness

This is more annoying than anything as I feel dizzy multiple times throughout the day. When I stand up, or even move my head around too quickly, it feels like I’m taking a spin on a roundabout that just won’t stop. This means that, a lot of the time, it takes me a while to get going because I have to stop and steady myself regularly.

  1. Bloating

I think a lot of newly pregnant women may agree with me when I say that one thing we look forward to during pregnancy is finally seeing a small bump that shows that their baby is growing safely and makes it feel all the more real. However, no one really tells you that before you get this cute little bump, you will bloat like crazy, making you feel more like a big blob, who has eaten a few too many cakes, than a glowing mum-to-be. As a person who has always had an issue with my weight, this is definitely a major knock to my confidence. The main worry is, will I eventually look pregnant or will I just look like I’ve piled on the pounds in a short period of time?

  1. Crazy emotions

In the last week, due to my hormones going crazy, my emotions have been very up and down. One minute I’m so happy I could take on the world, and the next, I’m sobbing my eyes out at something as silly as dropping a pen on the floor. I have a lot of people saying to me, “It’s just the hormones. You’ll be fine in a minute” and I do wonder, what if something was actually wrong with me? Would everyone just pass it off as hormones?

  1. Fun bags to milk bags

That’s right. My boobs are swelling from hormones and getting ready to provide my child with the nutritious milk it needs to grow. Although this is definitely my partner’s favourite symptom, for obvious reasons, with sudden growth of any part of your body you are going to experience some sort of pain, along with the nipple pain as the milk ducts get ready. So, even though my breast are looking nice and plump, they are a no go area. Such a tease, right?

  1. Weeing for England

The increased need for a wee has slowly crept up on me this past week and, although I know it is going to get much worse, I am getting fed up already. I am pretty sure work thought I was having a funny turn before I informed them I am expecting because I was up and down like a see-saw. I haven’t started getting up in the night to pee yet but I know I have that to look forward to in the coming months so I probably shouldn’t moan too much until then!

  1. Wind

No one told me that being pregnant meant that I will be burping and ‘bottom burping’ (as my step dad would say) constantly! I have now given up apologising, as everyone who sees me regularly has either gotten used to it or hiding their disgust pretty well. The worst thing is when I get trapped wind. Some of you may know how painful trapped wind can get. Well times that by three! The other night, bent over the kitchen counter in agony, I couldn’t help but compare the feeling to what I had imagined contractions to feel like. My not-so-helpful partner laughed as he rubbed my back, reminding me “Oh it is going to be much worse, don’t worry.” I had to hold back the urge to punch him in the balls so he could feel even a smidgen of pain that I was going through.

  1. Breakouts

Hormones are wreaking havoc with my body, including making my face look like a dot-to-dot game! I have bad skin anyway and have always struggled with breakouts so I could definitely do with the extra spots popping up each day, especially when I’m not feeling all that confident as it is. It doesn’t help when you feel so tired that you can’t even be bothered to put make up on in the morning to cover it up.

At week seven, I know that this is just the calm before the storm but no matter how annoying, tiring or painful these symptoms may be, I know it means that my baby is growing healthily and it will all be worth it in the end.

Did you experience the same symptoms? Were yours worse or easier? I would love to know, so comment below! (Is it bad that making that rhyme made me giggle?!)


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